Close-up Magic
Magic that happens on Stage or TV can be impressive. When it happens before your very eyes, in your is truly astounding!

Close-up and personal, Marc enthrals, entertains and mesmerizes audiences of all ages. No matter what the environment, a private dinner party at home, a Sunday Lunch in a restaurant or a corporate function in a hospitality suite, Marc will appeal to all.

Marc can do this because he is adaptable. he specialises in customising magic to suit the target audience and the messages you wish to convey. He gauges his style to suit you, adapting the magic and the presentation to suit the audience and the message you wish to convey.

This is a skill few magicians have. Marc does. In addition he can incorporate special business messages for trade show, conference and exhibition events.

Marc has performed his unique style of close-up magic at trade shows and company functions for clients as diverse as British Airways, MCI World Com and Allied Dunbar. Travelling extensively with his magic he has performed in Europe, the USA and the Middle East.

For larger functions where more than one magician is required, Marc can organise a team of Magicians.