Trade Shows & Exhibitions


The Theory


In the current economic climate there is a delicate balance to be achieved within a budget between being seen at a show and the business benefits that that show can deliver.


Often the budgets and costs are considerable, from floor space charges, stand design and accommodation, to staffing levels, printed literature and hospitality costs. Why add another cost of entertainment to your budget?


Entertainment can make or break any event. This is especially true at corporate functions, whether you are dealing in a business-to-business environment or in a business to end user market. Why take a risk?


When used properly and implemented in an effective and professional manner, the use of entertainment in various forms can deliver hundreds of business benefits. A few of these include:


 Increased footfall on your stand.


 Longer duration of people on your stand.


 Deliver business messages and service points in a memorable and entertaining way.


 Create a talking point within the show and amongst visitors to the show.


 Raised product recognition.


 Increased business card collection.


How can Marc Dominic do this?


Marc Dominic is both an experienced performer at trade shows as a magician and as a marketer. He is able to understand your business message and then deliver it in an entertaining and memorable manner. He becomes not a magician but a professional sales entertainer.


Clients in this area include Copyright Licensing Agency, Protocol Professional, System Industries, Housing Today, Associated Network Services. He has worked at both small conferences at hotels and larger venues such as Earls Court and The NEC.


The Secrets Of Trade Show Success


In today's over-communicated society, it takes a simple message, put across in a unique way, to capture attention and get your sales message through to trade show attendees.


Exhibiting at a trade show is advertising. Just like the advertising your company places in trade magazines, journals and newspapers.


The effectiveness of an advertisement is measured by the number of persons who read the ad, not the number of people on the publication's subscription list.


The effectiveness of your display at a trade show can be measured by the number of folks who receive your message, as compared to the number of people attending the show.


If an advertisement with colour is placed among ads in black & white, the colour ad will get more attention.


In the same way, the trade show display which presents live sales entertainment to introduce the company and its products is most likely to be the booth that draws the largest crowds, gains the most attention, and does the most business.


At your next show, ask people why they stop at various booths or stands. You'll find an attractive stand will stop some people, a pre-developed interest will draw others, but a live, unique sales entertainer - like Marc Dominic - can stop them all.


Your Trade Show Ad, In Colour


The stand with a Marc Dominic, compared to an ordinary stand, is like the colour advertisement compared to the black & white ad.


Any participation in a trade show is costly, but you can insure your success by using a "grabber" to make sure the largest possible number of people will hear the benefits of doing business with your company.


Working the trade show booth requires the product presentation be given by the Sales Entertainer in a direct, condensed form. A short, tightly presented sales pitch should be given while entertaining and pulling a crowd. But Marc Dominic can do more.


How To Find The Right Sales Entertainer


It's not easy to find great entertainers and even harder to find top sales people. But to profit at trade shows, you must find a person who is a rare combination of entertainer and salesperson.


Marc Dominic and his team at Impact Productions are such people.


A New Marketing Team Member


A good sales entertainer can and should become a member of your sales team, and can often be used for public relations work, in addition to the presentation given in the booth.


Hire a clown if you just want attention. Hire a Professional Sales Entertainer if you want respect and results.


Hospitality Suite Entertainment


For an additional fee, Marc and his Professional Sales Entertainers will present Hospitality Suite mini-shows for the sponsor.


These shows are pure entertainment for the guests of the host.