As authorised by the Ministry of Magic


The Wizards of Wonder have been presenting a number of shows with a Harry Potter theme for over 4 years.

They have appeared at various Book and DVD launches as well as being used by Warner Village Cinemas for their Harry Potter Film Corporate Screenings.

Their clients include: Warner Village Cinemas, Marks & Spencer, Bloombergs and AOL/Time Warner.

They are available for Mix and Mingle appearances, Birthday Parties, individual shows, and theatre shows.

One of their more popular shows in Schools and Libraries is:

An Introduction for Muggles to Wizardry & Witchcraft

Meet one of The Seven Wizards of Wonder as they present a talk and demonstration on the basics of Wizardry and Witchcraft.

Learn the secrets of Hogwarts with specific sections selected from:

Spell Casting


 Wand Waving


 Potion Brewing


 Magical Creatures


 Defence Against The Black Arts

As well as meeting strange creatures, seeing moving pictures and other strange feats, as well as hearing tales of the Wizards of Wonder in their quest to defeat the followers of 'he who must not be named.'

For more information send an Owl to Marcus Dominicus Senior Wizard, Wizards of Wonder, or call him on 07887 656587

Or by digital owl info@marcdominic.com

This talk can not be presented to House Elves, Disgraced Wizards and creatures outlawed in the practice of magic under Ministry Directive 6756B-C 3

Please note all our Wizards have been individually trained and many are one their way to receiving the Order Of Merlin, they don't do magic but Magic happens around them.

Wizards of Wonder Impact Productions 2004