A Magical Wedding
Entertainment of any sort can make or break a wedding. We have all heard stories of the ones that went wrong, so how can you use a magician and magic to add something special to your event?

Each wedding reception is unique although they generally have a similar format. However, what happens and when is down to the choice of the bride and bridegroom. Magic can be used in a number of ways. How you use a magician is a personal choice, however the magician must appeal to all of your guests and reflect the mood of the wedding whether it is an informal family gathering or a society function. Whether you want a subtle, close-up magician to do tricks quietly to groups of guests or a cabaret act where the magician saws your new mother-in-law in half, the variety is endless.

Here are the most popular scenarios. You could use one or more to enhance your wedding:

1.During the Canapés and Reception before the Wedding Breakfast
This is the first time the guests are mixing after the ceremony and they may be waiting for photos or a reception line. The magician can circulate around the groups doing a few quick tricks and then moving on. Often guests are standing and holding drinks so the magic has to be suitable for this situation.

2. During the Wedding Breakfast
As your guests are eating, a magician can move around the tables performing between courses and as guests wait for food. This is very similar to the way a magician might work in a restaurant. The style is still fairly formal.

3. A Magic Show for the Children
Families can get very stressed at weddings as children can get bored – if you have a number of children under 14 why not organise a special magic show for them during the speeches or after the meal? This allows the parents to get 45 minutes of peace and quiet before their children come back with tales of what the magic man has done.

4. Magic during the Evening reception
If extra guests will be arriving for a more informal party in the evening why not have a magician doing street style magic with everything from cards and coins to rings and paper napkins?

I would ask you to consider these different ideas as you plan the day. I can also supply other magicians, entertainers and toastmasters for your event should I be booked or unsuitable.